Building in Faith Update

Hear from Church Treasurer Todd Reed and Building Committee Chair Linda Potter on the progress being made.


Building in Faith Contributions

“For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”    -Isaiah 56:7b

The time is now…and you can make a difference!

Building in Faith Contribution

A campaign for Faith Lutheran

Learn what this campaign is all about by viewing the Faith Lutheran Case Statement.  Check out the campaign goals, see how we got here and discover how you can be a blessing to the ministry at Faith Lutheran, both inside and outside Faith's walls.  

Building in Faith

One Mission, one Community

Building in Faith is a capital campaign conducted by the Faith Lutheran Family dedicated to expanding Faith's influence in Northeast Lincoln and the greater Lincoln area.  


Learn more about the Building in Faith:  One Mission, One Community Capital Campaign:


Questions and Answers

  • Offerings are expected to remain constant.  Through the effort, volunteers will ask church members to make pledges above and beyond regular giving.  Leadership encourages members to not diminish giving to the church, but to consider a commitment above their normal tithe.  In the long term, similar campaigns have caused increases in church offerings by raising the sights of churchgoers and their commitment to the church.

  • Faith Lutheran will ask each member of the Faith Family to consider a gift to the campaign.

  • Faith Lutheran moved to its current location over 20 years ago.  Construction of a dedicated worship space has always been part of the plan.  Leadership believes now is the right time to make that promise come to fruition.  Adding the worship space and the needed additional space will help fulfill Faith's commitment to being an open, welcoming, and engaging member of the Northeast Lincoln community.