Faith Women's Book Club

We would love to welcome you into our group!

We meet on Zoom on Sunday evenings starting at 7:00pm.

Zoom Meeting number: 997-8279-3772

We also have a private Facebook group for announcements.

Send a friend request to Kim Marxhausen and let her know you want to be a part of the Facebook group.

If you want to test the waters, you are welcome to join the Zoom meeting and meet the group!

be still and know

a study of rest and refuge

what Our current members

Are Saying:

"This group helps me to talk things through and see a new perspective."

"I can get support for what I am going through and not have to listen to the gossip."

"We can be open and honest and learn from each other."

"Maybe our situation is not the same but we can find ways to help each other."

"We help each other focus and stay on task."

"I like that I have another way to learn about God and connect with women."

"You can come up with an understanding and someone else gives you a new angle."

"I like that we read different authors and affirm what is good about our Lutheran faith."

We strive to be more than just a book club.

We are a place to share, love, and learn God's word!