Raving Fans Scholarship

Do you know someone who would love Faith as much as you do??

Encourage a family to reach out and learn more about Faith Lutheran School- If the family enrolls their child(ren) in K-5 your family will receive a discount for every child that enrolls, on your upcoming school year tuition.


The Raving Fans Scholarship is available to all families enrolled at Faith Lutheran School.  A monetary scholarship is granted to  families that refer new students/families to Faith School upon the new family’s enrollment.

The Raving Fans Scholarship is a two-year scholarship, with Year One amounts awarded in the first year of the referred child’s enrollment and the Year Two amount being awarded during the referred child’s second year of enrollment. 

Scholarship amounts are awarded for each child referred by the Raving Fan and shall be added for a total scholarship amount:

  • Year One: $200 per child referred ($100 per semester)
  • Year Two: $400 per child referred ($200 per semester)

A new family must mention the Raving Fan on their application.

There is no limit to the amount of scholarship dollars that a Raving Fan may receive in a semester or school year.  Raving Fans Scholarships may be awarded at anytime, if Tuition Agreements have been completed, those will be adjusted and reissued.